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Northern Vending Company welcomes you to our website  We are  a full service vending, coffee, micro-market and water service provider in Michigan.  Our staff welcomes your questions. Continue to browse and read "About Us" and   our products and see how our services  can make a difference at your place of business.

Northern Vending And Coffee Service Micromarket & Water Cooler Services



For over 25 years we have been innovators, 

applying our experience in unique product offerings and knowledge in equipment applications.  We excel in designing our service program to your company vision and culture. We are proud to be one of Michigan's largest privately owned vending and coffee services. 





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Our company offers vending, coffee, micro-market  and water services. We also carry paper products, flatware, and recycled paper products. As a full service entity we; install, maintain, and service our equipment. We set you up on a regular route schedule to be filled to keep your staff and visitors satisfied..Click below to see how our service works.