We Install our Coffee/ Tea Brewers free of Charge with the purchase of our products

Professional Coffee Service

National brand products for your coffee

Real Cup Coffee

We offer Folgers, Maxwell House, Master Blend fraction Pack Coffees. In addition

to this Becharas has a 100% Colombian filter pack for great flavor and less mess.

Cutomized Coffee Tour

Becharas Royal Collection

Green Product Solutions

Creates Coffee , Teas & Specialty Drinks

Add canned soda, juice and bottled water to your order form. We carry Coke & Pepsi products as well as  V-8, Lacriox Sparkling water, iced tea and lemonade.

Delivery & Ordering Options

Becharas Brothers leads in the office coffee for great flavor and excellent

value. We offer different weights and blends to suit your preferences.  

Single Cup Videos

Specially Blended High Quality Coffees 

AwardedRoast Magazine Macro Roaster of the Year 2015 

Our line includes hot tea, cappuccino, iced tea, vanilla chai  and hot cocoa. Brands like 

Marley, Tim Hortons,  and Martinson and provide a commercial brewer with services.

Cups, Cutlery & Paper 

Reward Your Office with flavor of the month

One Stop Shopping

Over 100 Years of Roasting in Michigan

Permium Coffees 

Becharas Brothers Coffee

Reunion Island Coffee

These fine coffees from  third generation coffee blend masters : 

Mocha Java, Vienna Roast  and the Kona Blend and 100% Colombian Decaf.

After you decide on the brewer type, we install service and maintain our equipment  free of charge. We have full time internal service technicians.

Specialty & Gourmet Coffees

Over 10 Types Of Equipment Styles

We deliver soda, juices & water to your ofice

Styrofoam, Plastic and  Paper Goods for you Business

Flavia /Alterra Coffee

Starbucks, Caribou & Seattle's Best 

K- Cup Style Single Cup Products 

New technology has now created a way for businesses who want to use envoronmentally friendly. Ask for our list and make a difference in our world.

Reunion Island Coffee

This Company operates a Bullfrog Power (windmill) plant, also invested in 

community development for coffee growers families and plants trees for clean air.

Sustainable coffee, every cup makes a change

Email Ordering & Effecient Delivery

Cream, Sugar and Stirs

Alterra coffee is a specialty roaster who roasts the coffee for packets used in Flavia machines.

This brewer is free with service with an optional pay mechanism that accepts coins.

Why We Are Better

Douwe Egberts/ Folgers

National Brands & Filterpack

 We provide this advanced  brewer installed at no charge that dispenses

coffee on demand up to 400 cups 8oz  per case (regular and decaf  available).

A Professional Coffee House Set Up with Free POS materials

Canned Soda & Water

Make your corporate culture green

Buy all your coffee, tea, cutlery, soda and paper products through our services. We also can provide vending, water coolers or micro market  services as well.

Synergy Sumatra On Demand

We carry major brands such as but not limited to; Dart, Conex, Georgia Pacific,

Kleenex, Dixie, and Kimberly Clark. 

On Demand Coffee Dispensed by the Newco Bistro 

Mulitiple Equipment Types

Northern offers, logo thermal wraps, airpot racks and signage, cups, paper products for your office or conference room for these leading coffee brands. 

We create an excel spreadsheet for the products you want that you can email. We also offer standing orders or regular onsite fill options. Account or credit cards for payment.

We send you 1 case of regular or flavored coffee per month September through March to create a happier, more productive staff.. 

We install your brewer at no charge

Bring the Cafe to Your Office

Choose from our list of regular and flavored creamers in canisters, pump bottles or cups as well as sugar in canister, Individual packets, sweetener, honey or Sugar in the Raw.

Taste our Colombian Las Hermosas that scored 93 out of 100 in "Coffee Review", Rain Forest Alliance French Roast & Vanilla Hazelnut  coffee.

Espresso Royal Coffee Roasters

On demand liquid coffee, no brewing or mess

Convenient Brewing & National Brand Recognition

Single Cup Coffee

Synergy coffee uses shelf stable technology, no refrigeration required. The

Newco Bistro 10 brewer can create cappuccino, cocoa, mocha's and more! 

Espresso Royal operates cafe's all over the Midwest. Experience their famous whole bean  espresso and other coffees. 

Convenience of One Vendor

Select your brewer type: Decanter , Thermal,  Gravity , Single , Flavia , Ice Tea, Coffee / Iced Tea Combo brewers or satellite brewers (high volume).

Free Brewers & Installation

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