How does a kiosk work ?


We offer both higher end deli style foods and beverages to lower cost items in order to fit your needs so you obtain a quality, tasty treat at a great price!

Employee Incentives

Select A Space 

Professional Planning with a Drawing

Data Connection

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What do I need to install a market?

Great Selection

Grab a Salad, Snack, Sandwich or Beverage 

Rewards, Events & Visitors

You may use your former vending area or convert another space. We will come in and help with the best layout option for your market.

Scan, Swipe & Go Video

The Kiosk(s) require connection to a data line. Wi-Fi may also be used but not preferred. Our Tech Support will work with your IT on firewalls & security.

Free Installation at Your Business

Micro Market Services


Electrical & Plumbing Needs

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Employers can purchase one time use coupons, meal tickets for an

event or offer a visitor a snack. We provide loyalty discount purchases too.

Choose from a variety of lower priced items

Our markets have hundreds of food and drink items, locally made fresh salads and healthy alternatives like fruits and veggies.

Easy Login

Login fast by (1)PIN & Password (2) scan our free key card for instant login (3)bio-metric login (finger print) 

Connecting to the Internet

Excellent Value


Variety, technology and value

In many cases you can use standard dedicated outlets. If you want a cafe set up with your market, we will advise you on water connections as well. 

Pay with your account (no additional fee to have) debit or credit card, payroll deduct, add funds in cash, or payment coupons.*

Secure 24/7 Access

Power & Water

See all of your transactions real time online through your account

at Add funds or update your credit or debit cards fast. 

Choose Your Method of Payment

We install payment kiosk(s),coolers, freezers and snack shelving like a local market you shop in and stocked with delicious foods at your business.

We measure your space and provide an accurate drawing of your new break area. Markets can be made custom for you in different sizes.

We set up the market with a camera system to provide a secure

purchase environment, establishing a sense of accountability. 


Area Drawing

​User  Friendly Kiosks, Just Scan & Buy

Using the Kiosk 

We Create a Market In Your Breakroom!

Fast Account Login & Kiosk Use

Why our micro markets are a success!