Healthy Living, Healthy Business

Choose from three wellness programs or we can build your program to fit your culture. If you have a program, we adapt according to your standards.

                                Fast Service, Innovation & Creativity

                                We create a vending program that will reflect the values of your corporate culture. 

Fund Employee Needs, Events or More

We pay you a portion of the vending sales depending on what pricing structure you choose. We track sales by a special program for accuracy .

More Rewards Program

The "More Loyalty" is designed to offer promotions in the vending

machines that have credit card readers. Prepaid card are available.

Salads, Wraps and Soups

We are proud of our food selections, many sourced locally in Michigan. With over 140 selections, we hit the mark in customer satisfaction. 

Making a Better World

We use Energy Star rated equipment and LED lighting as well as using vendors that have Eco friendly products. ​

Multiple healthy snacks for you!

We provide our great variety of great snacks by sourcing lower sugar, salt and fats in products that are better for you.

Cold Food

Employee Incentives

Smartphone for Vending

Contactless payment requires no physical currency.. Just open the pay app, 

make a selection, place your phone by the reader to complete your purchase.​

Custom Designs

Credit Card 

Cashless Technology


Credit Card Readers

Our equipment can accept cash, credit card and debit cards.

MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover cards are accepted.

Wellness Options and Best Selling Snacks, Beverages and Foods




Equipment, ​Technology & Innovation for your Workplace

Pay a Portion of the Cost

You may subsidize all or just a portion of any of the vending products on any vending machine type. ​We track carefully every vend and bill monthly.

Green Energy

More Flavor, Less Sugar.

We have teas, carbonated and non carbonated drinks including sports, energy and sparkling waters offering over 100 of our satisfying beverages. 


Vending Coupons to Give Out to Staff

Coupons are made in the shape of a dollar bill. We offer one value coupons that will buy any product value or a coupon that will give change back to them.

More Card Loyalty

Custom Designs on Equipment

If you are remodeling a lunchroom or cafeteria we have a design team to create the right accent for your look on machine or a whole room..

Monthly Commissions