Other Water Systems

5 Gallon High Volume Distribution

3000 Gallon Filter Life

Choose from three temperatures

Water Line Fed Cooler

Robo 2 Gallon Reservoir

Great for "city water" sources, this filter eliminates odor

from chlorine, any sediment and generally improves taste.

These come in a floor model style only in either  hot/cold

or ambient/cold. We offer this style for high volume locations.

Water Cooler Services

Premium Cartridge Filter

Great for a large office or plant where you have volume

water usage. Holds R/O or Ultra Filtration in its filter bay.

Allows for up to 11 gallons of cold water under 50 degrees. Leak Lock and hydro guard technology and a filter bay for floor models.

"Point of Use Coolers" are water fed from your cold water supply. The coolers  come in hot/cold or ambient/cold spigots in a table top floor model styles.

Other Coolers & Options

High Volume

Tri-Temp Systems

Alpine Direct Chill 

Reverse Osmosis

UV Tank Sanitation

Standard Point Of Use

Standard Single Filter

Water Cooler Systems

Ultra Filtration Package

R/O contains a series of filters and a special  membrane to purify

water. It connects to a drain and needs a holding tank reservoir.

Features several levels of purity 

This cooler connects to your cold water line with hot/cold or

ambient/cold spigots in a table and top floor model styles.

1000 Gallon Filter Life

Specialized Chilling -Table top/ Floor models

Reduces lead up to 99%, removes particles 1/2 micron and larger like Cyptosporidium, asbestos fibers, odor, chlorine, mold, and algae.

U/F is a multi stage filters like the R/O but with no membrane media filter and do not require a drain or reservoir.

Available on most models

Professional Water Purification for you Business

Bottle Cooler

This system has floor and table top models, Leak-Lock, a filter

monitor and biotech technology. It also has a built in cup station.

Multistage Water Filtration

This process destroys bacteria in water. This additional feature

has a nightly sanitizing cycle and built in monitor for quality.